ZATORLAND Amusement Park

Zatorland is an interesting place created with care for the youngest and for their education through entertainment.

It is a complex of three theme parks: Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs, Park of Insects and Park of Mythology. The funfair provides you with play.

Each of our parks is a unique place that takes you on a journey to the past in which you will learn fascinating stories and discover the secrets of nature. It’s also a space for amusement and relaxation for whole families.



Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs

It’s the largest park of this kind in Central Europe.

The park is located in a densly forrested territory across which runs an eduaction path reflecting the ancient life of dinosaurs.

Among the trees you can notice animatronic figures of dinosaurs – over a hundred of various exhibits, both figures of small dinosaurs as well as of the gigantic lizards that used to live on earth thousands of years ago.

Among others you will find here huge, harbivorous sauropods, scary T-REX and this year’s hit – the biggest animatronic Argentinosaurus in the world that is over 35 meters long!!

The majority of figurs move and generate sound and that makes the visit to the park even more interesting.



Park of Insects

It’s a unique place where you can see some human-sized figures of insects!

Although we encounter insects in our everyday lives, due to their small sizes we overlook numerous details of their bodies as well as the fact that they have a significant impact on other organisms living on earth.

For the visitors we have prepared an education path along which a dozen or so of gigantic figures of insects are located. Among others: an ant, a grasshopper, a ladybug, a stag-beetle, a butterfly, a mantis, a scorpio, a potato beetle, a Rhinoceros beetle, a fly, an earwig.

The absolute novelty of 2018 is the animiatronic figure od cockroach!

The exibition of insects is enriched by a collection of desiccated bugs comming from various corners of our globe, for example from Thailand, Morocco or Russia.




Park of Mythology

Park of Mythology, situated largely on water, is the only such place in Poland where the Greek gods, heros and mythical creatures can be seen up close.

The beautifully modelled statues imitating ancient sculptures create a perfect background for the storytelling about the Hellenic world poetised in literature.

The absolute must in this park is the ride on gondola through the picturesque lake and listening to a story about the ancient gods and heroes.

It’s here where our guest are awaited by Dedalus and Icarus, Zeus the Thunderer, Achilles fighting with Hector, Heracles defeating the Hydra or Perseus rescuing Andromeda from the sea monster.

Those who are brave enough can also step in the labyrinth of the Minotaur.



The Funfair

It’s a place where the little explorers hit by adventure can relax and have fun taking use of the: 5D Extreme cinema, ‘Bonanza’ 3D symulator, jumbo carousel, ferris wheel, chairoplain, boat pool, merry-go-round, raffle, amusement arcade, slides, springboards, inflatables and many others.

The thrill fans are recommended to take a ride on dinocoaster and the the topsy-turvy house will make dizzy those who visit it.

The ones that are keen on paleontology are recommended to take part in the paleontological workshops and all gourmands should taste the tidbits served by numerous food-stands scattered across the territory of the whole complex.

It’s here where education turns into a wonderful play!




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