Положення про парк Заторланд

Безпека наших гостей є для нас пріоритетом,
тому ми просимо відвідувачів ознайомитися з правилами
та дотримуватися його правил.

You are warmly welcome!

There are many hours of fantastic fun ahead of you. However, please keep in mind the generally applicable safety rules. The most important thing is not to endanger your own health or that of other guests in our park. Your safety is most crucial to us. You can support our efforts in this regard by learning about and following the rules contained in this Policy.

Car park 

Our car park is paid and unguarded. To enter the car park you need to collect an entry ticket at the entrance gate and pay at the cash desk. The first 15 minutes of parking are free.

On our car park the regulations and traffic signs of the Polish Traffic Code apply. In order to ensure collision-free traffic, the vehicle user is obliged to follow the instructions of the car park operators. Parking is allowed only in the parking spaces designated for this purpose. A vehicle left in an unauthorised place, causing traffic disruption will be removed at the owner’s risk and expense. Before leaving the vehicle, the user is obliged to check whether the doors, boot, windows and sunroof are closed and whether any valuables have been left inside the vehicle. It is forbidden to leave animals in a vehicle on the car park premises. It is also forbidden to leave flammable materials in vehicles on the car park premises, e.g. lighters, which may constitute a source of ignition if the vehicle heats up or overheats. The ZATORLAND amusement park is not liable for vehicles left at the car park being its property for any damages to the aforementioned vehicles, including theft, damage to the vehicle by third parties, etc. This also applies to damage caused by force majeure such as storm, fire, hail, explosion etc. and other unforeseen events. This exclusion of the right to compensation does not apply to damage caused by the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of ZATORLAND’S amusement park employees. Claims for compensation will only be accepted if the damage is reported to the staff at the Park office before leaving the Park on the day the damage occurred.


Admission to the ZATORLAND amusement park is only possible through the designated entrances upon presentation of a valid admission ticket. The day ticket is a wristband fastened on the wrist (to be checked at the entrance gates to individual parks and the funfair). An unfastened wristband is invalid and does not entitle the bearer to enter any of the Theme Parks and the funfair. The wristband may only be used by one person. It is forbidden to transfer the wristband. Damage to or discarding of the wristband renders the admission ticket invalid. A two-day ticket is valid if the wristband is fastened (to be checked at the entrance gates to individual Theme Parks and the funfair). An unfastened wristband is invalid and does not entitle the bearer to enter any of the Theme Parks and the funfair. The wristband may only be used by one person. It is forbidden to transfer the wristband.  Damage to or discarding of the wristband renders the admission ticket invalid. A two-day ticket entitles you to a two-day (day by day) stay in the ZATORLAND amusement park and to use its attractions. Failure to use the entrance ticket for two consecutive days does not give rise to any claims.

The season pass is a personal card issued at the Park ticket offices. The card entitles the holder to multiple visits to the ZATORLAND amusement park and to use its attractions throughout the season. The card must be presented at the ticket offices for each visit to the park together with together with an identity document. On this basis the holder will be issued a wristband to be fastened on the wrist and which will enable him/her to pass through the entrance gates to the individual theme parks and the funfair. An unfastened wristband is invalid and does not entitle the holder to enter any of the of the theme parks and the funfair. The wristband may only be used by one person. It is forbidden to transfer the wristband. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused access to the Park by the staff or ejected from the premises.

General safety rules

It is forbidden to bring dogs and other animals into the Park. Fire safety regulations must be strictly observed in the entire Park. Smoking is only permitted in designated places and you are only allowed to walk on the designated paths. You mustn’t climb over safety bars, barriers, blockades, fences, walls and ropes that mark the walking paths. It is forbidden to touch the exhibits. It is forbidden to bring weapons and other dangerous objects (guns, knives, chains etc.) and glass bottles into the Park. For safety reasons, you mustn’t bring bicycles, scooters, skateboards,  skates etc. into the Park. In case of unfavourable weather conditions such as rain, freezing rain, snowfall, hail etc., there is a danger of slipping. In order to increase the safety of visitors, greater caution is required throughout the Park by wearing footwear with non-slip soles, refraining from fast walking and running and using the existing railings. It is forbidden to swim and enter any body of water throughout the Park.

Taking use of the amusement equipment  

Visitors may use the entertainment facilities available in the Park in accordance with their purpose. Please strictly follow the instructions of the staff. In the case of persons who deliberately and consciously disregard the regulations for the use of the facilities and the instructions of the Park staff, the staff has the right to issue a permanent or temporary ban on the use of the facilities, including the order to leave the area, without compensation. This also applies to attempts to push your way through the queue at the ticket office. Please understand that the use of entertainment facilities is subject to certain restrictions. Information on this can be found on the signs with the regulations for the use of each device. The user shall be fully liable for any damage caused by failure to observe the rules and regulations for the use of individual amusement devices as well as for damage caused by their own negligence or wilful misconduct. In the event of power cuts due to storms, gales or other events and the resulting in the event of a power cut due to a storm, gale or other event and the resulting downtime of the facilities, there will be no full or partial refund of the entrance fee. The ZATORLAND amusement park reserves the right to cease operation of the entire facility and to ask all visitors to leave the premises without being entitled to a refund of the admission fees paid, in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions which endanger the life or health of visitors to the Park. The use of amusement machines, playgrounds and other similar facilities located in the ZATORLAND amusement park is at your own risk. Parents and legal guardians bear full responsibility for their children. People with medical conditions, cardiac and blood circulation problems etc. as well as pregnant women use the entertainment facilities at their own risk.

Duty of supervision

We appeal to parents, legal guardians and supervisors of organised groups to carefully fulfil their duty of supervision of persons under their care. The ZATORLAND amusement park accepts no responsibility in this respect and no liability for damages in the event of any damage resulting from the negligence of parents or guardians. Parents and guardians are fully responsible for any damage caused by their children. We ask parents and caregivers to prepare their young children for the encounter with moving and roaring dinosaurs, explaining to them that these are fake, artificial creatures and they should not be afraid of them. The park is not responsible for the possible consequences of children’s emotional reactions.

Limitation of liability

The ZATORLAND amusement park is liable for any damage caused by a culpable breach of these Regulations or caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct of its employees. The ZATORLAND amusement park is not responsible for accidents caused by factors beyond the control of the park, for fortuitous events or for defects that were not noticeable despite taking care of the condition of the facility. This limitation does not apply to liability of the ZATORLAND amusement park in the event of danger to health, life or injury of visitors. The ZATORLAND amusement park shall not be liable for loss, destruction or damage to valuables such as mobile phones, camcorders, cameras, earrings etc. while using the amusement park facilities or left unattended. Lost valuables, if found by Park employees, are handed over to the office and stored there until they are collected by their owners, but no longer than 6 months. After this period, they are handed over for disposal.

Equipment downtime

If it is necessary to shut down individual entertainment facilities and motor vehicles, e.g. due to repairs, maintenance, force majeure, unfavourable weather conditions, no refund of the visitors’ fee is generally provided.

Reporting damage

All amusement park facilities at ZATORLAND are carefully maintained and supervised. If, despite this, a user suffers damage (material, personal or otherwise) which is not due to their fault, they must report this to the Park office before leaving the Park. Please also report if there are reasonable grounds to believe that damage may occur at a later date as a result of an incident. Claims for damages are excluded if they are possible and feasible during your stay in the Park only after you have left the Park.

Advertising and offering goods and services

Advertising as well as offering goods and services throughout the Park, including car parks and areas in front of the Park entrance, is only permitted with the prior written permission of the facility manager. This also applies to the carrying out of opinion polls and visitor counts within the Park. Agitation and demonstration in favour of organisations, associations, communities of interest and other initiatives, using any kind of means, are forbidden on the Park area and inside any entertainment or transport facilities (water trams, etc.). Such actions are subject to sanctions without exception in the form of expulsion from the Park area, to be held civilly and legally liable, and to report to the police for disturbing the order inside the Park.

Right of the facility manager

The ZATORLAND amusement park reserves the right to remove from the Park area without compensation those who do not comply with the provisions of these Regulations or who stay in the Park area without a valid ticket. A person disturbing the peace of other visitors, using amusement equipment in the fun park for purposes other than those for which it was intended, failing to comply with the instructions of park staff, disobeying signs or otherwise disturbing public order may be expelled from the Park area without any refund of the admission fee paid. The ZATORLAND amusement park has the right to use pictures of people and objects in the Park for promotional and marketing purposes.

Visitors are kindly requested to familiarise themselves with these Regulations before purchasing entrance tickets. The admission to the area of the ZATORLAND Amusement Park is tantamount to accepting the provisions of these Regulations.

We wish you a peaceful and pleasant day and carefree fun in the Zatorland Amusement Park.

Zarząd LEMARPOL Sp. z o.o., ul. Poznańska 478, 05-85 Koprki


Зміст квитка відповідає вмісту квитка, придбаного батьком, і можливість користування обладнанням дитячого майданчика (гойдалки, крісла, батути, гірки) та зоною Active Explorer (Новинка!)


• Гойдалка Зевса – від 105 см (Парк міфології)
• Robal Coaster – від 95 см (Парк комах)
• Карусель “Слони” – від 90 см (Лунапарк)
• Дитячий майданчик (Кульколанди, Гойдалки тощо) – від 90 см (Лунапарк)
• Міні-поїзд – Від 90 см (Парк комах)
• Карусель «Карусель» – від 90 см (Лунапарк)
• Колесо огляду – від 90 см (Лунапарк)
• Вежа Drop’n’twist – від 90 см (Лунапарк)
• Active Explorer Zone (Новинка!) – Без обмежень (Lunapark)
• Міні-карт – від 95 см (Парк комах)
• Road Traffic Town – від 100 см (Парк комах)
• Басейн з човнами – від 100 см (Парк комах)
• Мотузковий парк «Олімпійці» – від 100 см (Парк міфології)
• Ігровий майданчик – від 110 см (Парк комах)
• Dinocoaster – від 110 см (Lunapark)
• Автодром – від 110 см (Лунапарк)
• Карусель “Twist’n’swing” – від 135 см (Лунапарк)
• Карусель “Crazy Raft” – від 130 см (Лунапарк)

Інші атракціони парку не обумовлені зростанням або не потребують обмежень.